Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crankworx CO And Lake Hope XC In OH This Weekend!


Chuck-T left Riverside, CA (my homewtown) yesterday at 4p.m. to make the four hour "commute" to Las Vegas. He was to stop there for the night, probably call a "date" to his room, then wake up early and drive on in to the CRANKWORX FESTIVAL in Colorado! Likely to be physically drained from his night of debautchery, he will then roll into town with team DH stud and Sunline product developer Jay "Junk Box" Schippers.

With any luck, XC teammate Corty-40 will be there too...unless the ganja has partially paralyzed the left side of his brain. He will likely get in his truck with all his gear, and drive to Mexico thinking he's just on a REALLY long road through Colorado. ORALE VATO!

Jim Roff will also hopefully get to roll in with Jay-Box. Jim has a bad-ass TOMAC PRIMER DH BIKE that he has been putting through it's paces between CO and UT. He also is the proud father of a TOMAC SNYPER trail bike, and for that... I hate him.
Jimbo is seen here either passed out in a Hooter's bar or .....ok, he is SO passed out in a Hooter's bar. The Burbank Hooter's is where we used to have all of our team meetings in the early days. Our female racers were so much hotter than the servers there, it was kinda depressing!

Jay-Hood is actually a great Expert XC racer as well as baby-Pro DH guy. This was from Big Bear, CA a couple of years ago when he WON the XC there! Frikkin' DH dirt bags. Jay will be driving the 661 truck out to Carnkworx from he and Jim's homebase in Highlands Ranch, CO.

Tookie, Sean Cavalluchy and I will be keeping it down here in OHIO for the Lake Hope XC race on Sunday. This will be Sean's second race for us, and it will be fun to have the three of us playing grab-ass on the race course. I'll try not to fall on the guys and crush them with my man-boobs on lap #2....that could be ugly.

Jeff has been on the road a TON doing endurance XC races as a Pro-Solo type guy, so a 15 mile race should be like a warm up for him! Thanks to everyone in advance for a very ambitious schedule this year, you have done a great job getting the sponsors' names out there! I'll get the post-race-wrap-ups and photos in as soon as possible.
Best of luck and be safe!

DON'T FORGET to order your BACKBONE TEAM APPAREL! Operators are standing by!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ode To Sore Crotch and The Lil' 500

This little gem comes from my friend Allison here at Luck Bros Coffee, who is always looking out for raunchy bits of cycling fodder for me to post..

She was telling me about the Indiana University racers who prticipate in the annual cult race, the Lil' 500. This race is a 500 mile relay race that is done on a crushed cinder oval track. Crashes are very common, and massive damage to the flesh occurs every lap. It's a spectator's dream, and a riders painfull nightmare. The ladies team rides through so much genital pain that they actually created a cheer song to keep their girls rolling through the zygote-flattening anguish. Like to hear it? Here it goes.....

"Ode To Sore Crotch"

Do your lips hang low

Do they wobble to and fro

Can you tie 'em in a knot

Or in a testicular-tight bow

Can you throw 'em over your thigh

Like you banged a girthy guy

Do your lips hang low?

Now as much as I would love to take credit for this one, it is a true story. I love this story so much, I may taking a trip to Indiana this year just to help chant the song. can dream, right?

Rob Holmes And The GLP

This letter is from friend and old Sherman Oaks neighbor, Mr. Rob Holmes. He used to be the traveling photographer and writer for, but has since been working for the Green Living Project. Rob is a rider, too, who owns a hardtail mtb and a Titus Modena road bike. His wife is an actress and now new mom! This project is very interesting, and I asked Rob to send me notes as he makes them...

The pix are all from a bit of EVERYWHERE this team has been in the past four years, taken with a 100 dollar digital camera..

Green Living Project™ Launches Sustainability Platform

New media production and marketing company documents unique and successful sustainability projects across Africa and North America in 2008

Los Angeles, CA (July 29th, 2008) - Green Living Project™ is a media production, marketing, and entertainment company that showcases sustainability initiatives. The company officially launched today its unique sustainability platform to market and promote stories about successful sustainability projects around the globe. Through multi-media production and distribution strategies, Green Living Project™ aims to educate and inspire individuals and communities to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

In 2008, Green Living Project™ (GLP) highlights Africa, documenting sustainability projects administered by leading non-profits, conservation organizations, travel companies, eco-lodges, local tourism boards, and private companies. The project themes include renewable energy, urban sustainability, responsible tourism, green building, organic farming, community development, wildlife conservation, and waste management. The GLP media production team was in East Africa this past spring working with organizations such as African Wildlife Foundation, The Gorilla Organization, and Rwanda Tourism Board, to document 16 different projects throughout Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania. The company will also launch a new domestic production schedule this fall.
Using HD video, still photography, and audio recording techniques, GLP will promote targeted projects on its website ( and through select online content partners. In addition, these sustainability projects will be featured through the international “Green Living Project™ Lecture Series” in partnership with National Geographic Adventure, Recreational Incorporated, Inc. (R.E.I.), and other strategic partners and sponsors.
“Green Living Project™ assures us that environmental and cultural degradation can be reversed. The great impact GLP is making flows from celebrating activism and success rather than documenting proof of the threats our world faces. GLP shows people restoring their cultural/natural resources and fostering a greater engagement from travelers and their hosts alike,” said Fran Farrell, publisher of National Geographic Adventure. “We are delighted that National Geographic Adventure has been able to support Green Living Project’s work and we couldn’t be more pleased to see how quickly their vision has become a compelling reality."
“The past year and a half has been an exciting time as we have quickly laid the foundation and put together a solid management team for our unique style of media production and marketing,“ said Rob Holmes, founder and president of Green Living Project™. “This unique sustainability platform has attracted wide support from the non-profit, conservation, corporate, and media sectors based on the growing importance of living, supporting, and promoting sustainable lifestyles. And while we are actively planning three new international media expeditions to Africa and South America in the next six months, we also look forward to launching our highly anticipated domestic production schedule this fall."
About Green Living Project™Green Living Project™ (GLP) is a media production, marketing and entertainment company that showcases sustainable initiatives around the globe. Through various multi-media production and distribution techniques, Green Living Project™ aims to educate, inspire and entertain while encouraging individuals and communities to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. GLP markets and promotes its exclusive media content online and through an international lecture series. Key partners and sponsors include National Geographic Adventure, Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI), African Wildlife Foundation, The Gorilla Organization, Chaco, Gregory Packs, Keen Footwear, La Sportiva, Lonely Planet, and ExOfficio. Green Living Project™ is a privately held company located outside of Los Angeles, California. For more information, please visit

Monday, July 28, 2008

Matt's New Carbide and it's Virgin Race

Soon, he'll be in love with girls this much, but for now, it's all about the Carbide.

Everyone got Matt's new Carbide bike built up this week, and the Rim Nordic race was it's virgin race. He was killing it (he's in 1st overall!) when his loosely assembled stem spun on him, resulting in a split-open chin! He had to take adrop on this race, but his primary competition for the #1 slot was a no-show, so he is still ranked #1 as far as I know! Look for a full race report here soon on the Rim Nordic Race!

Vanessa being fed by the greatest manager of all time, Roger.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lainey's B-Day and Lake Hope Race

Jeff Williams' daughter has her birthday today, and they had to work out some last minute logistics. Their family member with the swimming pool was set to have everyone over today, but their pool pump quit at the last minute. It was 90 degrees here they talked a local hotel into letting them have the party at THEIR pool instead..for the low-low- rate of 90 dollars for a room! Good thinking!

Jeff on lap #1 at Lake Hope XC in '07

Jeff's wife and their daughter are no strangers to racer support. They stuck it out in the rain for hours at Lake Hope last year!

NEXT weekend Jeff and Sean are heading to the Athens, OH area to race the Lake Hope XC race. Lyd and Luka are hoping to go Saturday night with about 10 kids from the neighborhood and camp out Saturday night. We then will awake to a frenzy of pop-tarts and cries for milk in a sippy cup. Then the kids will get up (ha! gotcha!). It will be Luka's first mtb race...although he HAS watched the Tour de France!

Happy b-day to Lainey!!!!! Sorry we couldn't make it!

CD Release Party; See Ya At The 'Ear!

VIO Helmet Cam Footage From Ryan Nolan

Ryan Nolan sent in this vid from a race course he did a while ago. Click on the title above the PRIMER photo for the hyperlink.. He has since shipped the team's 10 year old VIOSPORT camera back to Colorado for Jay to abuse some more. One day I'll get my camera back....

One day.

Friday, July 25, 2008



Roger will be leading our little gaggle of hens up to Rim Nordic this weekend!! As you can see through the pics, this place has been great to us. BEV MONOHAN actually OWNED the Expert ladies races here for about five straight years...only NOT winning when her bike had a bout of spontaneous combustion. It will probably be dusty, fast, dry and fun as all hell this weekend, racing well above that 5,000' elevation mark. Roger will need at LEAST a pitcher of Mimosas to get him through the day..

PMBC member and Backbone supporter Rod, who occasionally send me great info nuggets on the Cali cycling scene since I am so far removed from it! He and Roger are considering doping to OWN that vet-masters special-needs under 14 girls division.

The amazing and talented Michael Darter. He is so fast, he'll beat you, then ride back up and take your picture...then sell it to you before you ever cross the line...

The climber's climber, Bev Monohan. She lives at the base of Hwy 38, and can climb to Big Bear faster than you can ride there!

Brant "The Hitman" Hatton. The only thing he hits on a regular basis is your mom and your sister. No, I'm them both and ask to speak to him. He's there, seriously. No, really, call. You just don't want to admit that he may be your father.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Baby CARBIDE For Matt!

Roger sent me pix of Matt Thome's Bad-ASS new TOMAC CARBIDE all built up and ready to rock. Backbone now has quite a stable of these perfect competition machines, so if anyone out there wants to have a look, just ask a rider and they'll explain it all to ya! King James built the bike from a top-secret stash of parts constructed of Unobtanium (too secret for the table of elements), and Roger drank all the beer just for good measure. Thanks to Joel for the sponsorship of all these great riders, from beginners to Pro's, rockstars and average Joe's.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Damage From Tahoe

Looking AT HOW BADLY BOTTOMED OUT THAT ENTIRE BIKE it really any wonder that he also bent his crank arms?

Mary Mac Takes The Championship!

pic courtesy of

Team bud and Olympian Mary Mac JUST WON NAT'S! She also won in Mammoth in 2005 (we were there to help)!! She was in an epic PRE-OLYMPIC BATTLE with Beijing teammate Georgia Gould, and managed to suffer enough to edge her out by less than a WHEEL!! Great job to my favorite female Pro....I hope Michael gave it up that night, none of that "Sorry Mary, I have a headache" crap. CONGRATS MARY!!