Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Bob's Carbide In Da House!

**Tomac's personal Carbide at Outdoor Demo**

Vegas Bob's Christmas present has arrived, courtesy of Joel Smith and TOMAC bikes. Bert has been the shipping point for all the frames so far, and I hope that Bob can get up there today and grab that thing! It was funny to when he found out he wasn't getting the one that shipped early on....poor Bob.

**Vegas Bob at the Xpedo booth during Interbike**

Vegas has had good tests with the team coach (Gareth Thomas) in Santa Monica lately, and is looking forward to a blistering season on the new bike. most of us all race xc on hardtails, and it will be interesting to see how Bert and Bob like the full suspension layouts!

**Bob preparing to drop the hammer w/his new Carbide**

Joel at TOMAC has been unbelievably accomodating to us, and I can't wait to come out swinging with all the spankin' sweet bikes. The Primers, Snypers, Carbide's, hardtails and Slalom bikes will be put to the test this coming season by the Samsonite gorillas here at Backbone...

**Bob, right before I told him this was NOT his frame!**


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