Thursday, February 28, 2008

Amino Vital In Columbus This Weekend!

P.O.B. from Amino Vital (and the rest of their corporate structure) will be here in Columbus this weekend for the Arnold (Ahhhnolt) Fitness Classic. Jeff "TOOKIE" Williams will be rolling up from Kentucky (insert Banjo music and inbred joke here) to attend with me Sunday, and meet the company peeps!

POB said he has plenty of H2O bottles for everyone to use, so don't be shy. He's even planning on meeting Lyd and I tonight for a drink at the Columbus Fish Market. I know, scary having sea food this far from the ocean, right? Well, thankfully my shipment of Amino Vital Endurance showed up a week ago, so I can replenish my body after such a massive dose of Mercury poisoning.

I'll send pix of Jeff and I stretching out all of your clothes this weekend..if they smell like nachos and beer...I was probably wearing yours.


At 12:59 PM, Blogger Vegas said...

Dehydrate. Rehydrate. Repeat.


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