Friday, February 29, 2008

Amino Vital POB

POB (Pete O'Brien) met us last night in C-Bus at the Columbus Fish Market for drinks and a major bs session. I like this guy because he is an O.G. mountain biker, who still rolls through the Bay Area in his cut off Dockers. Jeff and I will be in the new team duds Sunday at the Amino Vital booth here at the Arnold Fitness Classic! Thanks to POB for buying drinks for us last night, that was awesome, and Lyd got TANKED.

He showed us a sweet little product (samples en route) called KAMPAI that Amino Vital's parent company Ajinomoto makes. It's a top secret anti-hangover powder that we put to the test last night. Lyd had a mojito, a martini, a beer or two, and something else??? It works, because she was sober enough to wake up and realize who she was sleeping with..and run.

This is the Amino Vital water bottle we all will be running on the bikes this year! We also may be getting some sweet new wool beenies (no, not Abel's favorite food item..a HAT!) from them as well. Thanks to POB and Amino Vital for their support of cycling!


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