Thursday, February 28, 2008

Roger Hosting Bonelli Pre-Ride Sunday at 8:30!

**Roger will be dragging his new HYDRAPAK Keg-O-Trailer around the Bonelli XC race course Sunday morning, so he can stay hydrated with the proper Micro-Brew.****

Fearless leader Roger is asking all Cali based Backboners to meet him at 8:30 am this weekend (SUNDAY) at the parking lot across the freeway from Smelly-Bonelli Park, site of the Cal State Series opener. Also, the site of many bloated dead fish carcasses on the race course. Please contact Rog so he can have an accurate head count, and BE READY TO RIDE when you get there, which would be fifteen minutes early. Waiting for you is not going to happen, so have your crap ready to go BEFORE Saturday night!



At 7:14 PM, Blogger Vegas said...

Ready to ride? I don't understand.


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