Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fontana Race Report a la Randy!

****This letter is a really great example of why I like Randy. Not in a Seigfried and Roy kinda way..but in a "this guy is cool as shit" kinda way. Here is Sport guy who did a few XC races each year, had a passion for mountain bike racing, and now is an integral part of his team. Randy and his family have been to Sea Otter, Scottsdale, all over CA and the southwest to race everything possible. He even goes to interbike and works for the sponsors! Thanks Randy, and you will be seeing yourself soon in more magazines..only this time they will be MOTORCYCLE mags! News on that next..

Captn. Rizzle,

Well another Southridge is in the books and what a weekend it was. As you know Mr... T, Kim, Trevor, and I were there for the weekend. No Cody this weekend though.

So Saturday rolled in and I got this wild hair and decided to ride X-C and Super D and then go ahead and try my hand at D-H! What the heck I'm going to be here all weekend anyway... so I borrowed Trevor's Kona and gave it a go.

**Randy at the finish of last year's Sea Otter XC race***

Saturdays X-C race went off with perfect weather and sunny blue skies. I started third and stayed there for half the first loop, and was feeling pretty good. I dropped a couple places as the races went on and picked a few back up on the second loop, ending up finishing seventh out of seventeen in our class. Missing the podium by two places but certainly feeling stronger week by week. The course was dried out but still in great shape, and I was able to knock off another minute and a half off my time from two weeks ago... so I was very happy.

***Randy in Scottsdale at the NMBS race, almost done!**

I had an hour break between the X-C race and the Super-D race so I hydrated, Kim made me a half a sandwich and on the shuttle I went to the Super-D start. Now lucky for me this weeks' course was the back half of the X-C course, so I new what to expect. Boy Super-D is a thigh burning son of a bitch, but it was a lot of fun and my time was 4:57 and I got second place in the sport class! Now I sent you pictures and because I was on the downhill course practicing (shitting my pants) I missed the trophy presentation so Kim put one of my jerseys on the box with the trophy and took pictures of that.

So on to downhill practice the course was fun but there was two rock gardens that Mr..T and Trevor said were no big deal. YEA RIGHT so I got to #1 and stopped and watched for a bit, and then went for it and pooed myself... but got through it ok. I made a few more runs and called it a day because I needed to REHYDRATE for Sunday.

***The Idyllwild Spring Challenge, w/Randy gettin' ready to roll***

Sunday morning got up, got dressed and headed up on the shuttle and on practice run one I again stopped at the rock garden to observe... and boy was that a mistake. I witnessed some of the most horrific crashes I've ever seen and the ambulance was called three times (I believe). My practice was done and now the nerves really kicked in. Trevor said he felt comfortable with the course and I rode behind him on one run and that kid HAULS ASS. So we all got shuttled up for our race run and had a long time to wait so I walked around and asked Donnie were the porta pooper was and he had the nerve to laugh at me. That's B.s! Trevor said he had a good run going and at the bottom of the course at the last rock garden he made one small mistake and over the bars he went. He bent his crank arm and then he told me he had a fall at the half way point too, so he crashes twice and his time was still faster than mine. I did my run clean but SLOW, still ending up getting fourth and on the box. I'm happy two out of three on the podium and I'll be doing some more D-H and Super D.

That's it Captn.



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