Monday, February 11, 2008

Chuck-T's Fontucky Race Report

So apparently, I can't catch a break this year at Fontana. If I'm not being blown off the course like a few weeks ago, then I feel great. Of course, when I feel great, my bike decides to take a day off and start literally falling apart!

I tried making a quick adjustment to my brake caliper shortly before my run, and I was quickly punished by the bike gods who ensured that all the threads came out with the bolt. Hmmm... Fan-freakin'-tastic.

My race run didnt go much better. I slipped a pedal leaving the start gate, never a good sign (which may have started the whole mess you are about to read). In the third corner, my chain guide started to make the most godawful grinding and clanking sound imaginable. I'm sure other bikes I passed on the trail winced in pain for their DH brother being pushed to it's mechanical limit. I refused to look at the damage, and just settled on an attitude of "Aw, F**K IT!". I went as hard as I could, but managed to slip off my pedals and skip out of gear about five to six times. It was not pretty.

When I crossed the finish line, I finally looked down at the damage. Sure enough, my poor chain guide that has faithfull served me for the last three seasons of racing, may have served me for the last time today. I almost shed a tear when I looked down, and saw the little guy dragging parts behind him. Near the lower linkage, the torn remnents of an orange MRP roller lay waiting for me to piece it back together. "Not this time, little guy..." I said. I got very emotional right there at the finish, people started to stare and even tried offering their sympathy for my fallen chain guide. Then, I realised I was dealing with an inanimate object, and that their sympathy was all sarcasm. And then I felt kinda dumb. It was an akward moment.
On a less akward note, Donny put on another great race at Fontana this weekend. The weather was perfect, with little to no wind, clear skies, and temperatures in the high 70 to low 80 degree range. The DH course took its toll on riders of all skill levels, but I felt that it was one of the better courses he has put us DH freaks on this year. It combined a little bit of everything, except the infamous "wall". There should be some great photos coming this way, tons of photographers lined the course this weekend, mostly to catch the carnage and compound fractures that were occuring.


At 11:09 AM, Blogger Cap'n said...

As usual...entertaining, well written, and nicely done. Thanks T-Money!


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