Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Shaft-Drive Bike

So, my home-slice Terry brought in a crazy folding bike yesterday. It had some features that I hope one day will "trickle-down" Reaganomics style to the high-end bike market. I can only hope to one day see this springer kickstand on a custom built Titus Ligero. It's a necessity fo sure during those hard and jarring complete stops-transitioning-to-standing-to-flipping-down-the-kickstand maneuvers. Do bigger frame sizes need stronger spring weights? How about an SPV valve or three-way platform adjustment? I should call PUSH Industries and see if they can rebuild my kickstand....how much would it cost to add a lock-out?

This sweet piece of high-end equipment is what Vegas Bob will be rolling on his Tomac Carbide for the 2008 NMBS series. It's a hollow-toilet paper roll railed saddle with Polydisco(TM) filler and a Corinthian Leather cover. It has a sweet 'taint-saver center relief section, and even comes with side-curtain airbags.
Don't hate, congratulate Terry on this GEM of a find...


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