Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Randy Rush's Birthday Today!

Super-Inter-Galactic Pickle-Smoocher and Backboner for life Randy Rush is officially older than balls today. That's right, this crusty and wind-chapped old bastard is only younger than Charleton Heston, and he died three days ago. Randy will be having Joel at TOMAC make him a prototype XC bike that has eight wheels and allows him to lay down completely horizontal in a sling. It will also have a morphine drip-bag attachment and something to support his man-boobs. Kim, Randy's wife and West Coast team cook said she is in the process of replacing him with Rodolpho, her Brazilian pool boy. Randy has been using his SIGMA HRM more for satisfying Kim than for training, and he has actually technically died twice already this week.....he has been brain dead for some time, so we just base that off his EKG readings. Happy birthday you crusty old drunk, see ya in a week or two!



At 7:45 AM, Blogger rushman said...

Thank you very much Captn. I am getting older but my right wrist can still hoist the 24 oz to my pie hole (and other things)and my pickle still works just fine.


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