Friday, May 02, 2008

Brain Head NMBS Back On!!!

The Fuzz, heading to the innermost feed zome Mike and Mary

USA Cycling has announced that BRIAN HEAD will replace the Tamarack NMBS race!!!
YEE HAW...what a great place to show off the TOMAC CARBIDE's, Kenda tires and sweet AMINO VITAL product! This is my fave race course in the country, as well as my favorite countryside to ride in. Navajo Lake and all the trails in between Bryce and Zion are my playgrounds, and the Fuzz could show ya a thing or two out there, as well. I may just have to come for this one!

Parking lot for Cascade Falls, and trail intercept for Upper Virgin River Rim Trail.

Jay Schippers ramming the burm at Brian Head's Slalom Course in 2006.

Vegas Bob pre-riding the Expert loop, between Marathon Trail and the fireroad up to Sydney Peaks Trail/Bunker Creek.

Left fork of Bunker Creek Trail..

Brian Head Peak shot...and the second half of the initial climb up out of the Brian Head parking lot for the XC start. That tops out at over 11,000 feet!

Adam Craig spending some quality time with Jim Roff's daughter, Bri in the Brain Head pit area just prior to his short track race. Adam is one funny and very nice mo'fo'. Buy "Off Road To Athens" and see what I mean!


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