Monday, April 28, 2008

Woodward West Race Report a la Taylor

I hate to post two in a row on the Great White Hope, Taylor Libolt..but he's an allright guy, so what the hell! Here's his race report from the Cal State DH race at Woodward West, put on by Don Jackson of Southridge Racing....

Hey yo Chris!
So here is my mini race rap up for this weekends Woodward CalState DH race. I would normally type you up something grand, but I'm way too excited to finish building up my new Tomac tonight! I included a shot of it partially assembled, race photos will be up soon!
I placed 4th at this weekends CalState downhill race held at Woodward West, in Tehachapie (I think thats how you spell it...) The course felt like a big 4X course with just enough jumps, I don't think I heard a single complaint about it the entire weekend. Many of us agreed we could spend just about all day on it and not get bored. But only being about 1:15-1:20 in length, there wasn't much room to make a mistake, or conserve anything at all during the race run. However, for some reason I took my first run a little conservative at the top, until I realised that I only had about 30 seconds left in my run and gave it my all at the bottom. Second run, I just went 100% out of the gate, and made it down safely, still shaving off about 1.5 seconds from my first run. Can't complain too much about a podium finish and a small check from Southridge! I guess next time I'll just have to remind myself that it isn't a 6 minute National course and just go all out from the start. Now... its back to building my new ride!


I can't wait to see Taylor squeeze his now GIANT swollen head into a helmet. Hope 661 makes a quadruple extra large full face, w/built in expansion chamber!



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