Monday, May 19, 2008

Michael Darter's Amazing Pix From Los Olivos NMBS

Bert smiling after his 3rd place finish in the UberFast Singlespeed division.

Vegas Bob taking in water on a 107 degree race day. The Amino Vital Endurance Formula would allow him to live.

The amazing and talented Michael Darter sent me several great pix from the NMBS race at Los Olivos last weekend. I have to do some editing on some of them, so they aren't all in here yet..but be patient, they'll be ready soon! THANK YOU to Michael and his camers for these great shots! If i didn't know any better, I'd think you all were fast or something...must be trick photography...:)

Vanessa close-up and personal. That girl needs a cold beer STAT!

Bert racing into the sunset...his Carbide missed him so he had to haul ass back to the pit.

Look at the legs on Vanessa. That girl is rock solid-hot. You can't have her, because you'd have to catch her. You can't catch her. Her Carbide shipped today, so no more GREEN MACHINE bike!

Get used to this's Vegas Bob dropping you on a Tomac Carbide.

Brant "The Hitman" Hatton attempting to save the life of a lizard by pulling up..
He would take 4th in Expert. His Carbide shipped today as well, so say goodbye to the hardtail!

Bert "The Hurt" Blanchette SCREAMING to a third place finish in the Pro singlespeed class. His Carbide is geared, so for this race he had to revert back to the ol' back-up bike.

KENDA's tires are so good, they sell them USED for what they go for new.

Think it wasn't hot? Look at the dust in this was Africa Hot.


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