Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Races Everywhere!! Los Olivos NMBS and Diablo Domination #1

The Fuzz, Ara Movsessian, doing his best Chris impersonation.

Ryan Nolan in midflight. If only he would send me some new photos...hmmm...

This weekend both coasts will be blowing up! In Cali, the Los Olivos NMBS race is going on (formerly the Firestone NMBS, and for Ryan Nolan? The Diablo Domination series opener. With a large contingent of Backboners heading north along the old Wells Fargo Stage Coach route into the Solvang/Los Olivos area (check out Mattie's Tavern for brew and grub!), it's sure to be a great race for our crew. With the remainder of our TOMAC bike agreement shipping tomorrow, Ryan will NOT be able to get his new ride in time for the season opener at Diablo, but will have her built for the rest of the year's Downhill stuff.

Chuck-T flying to the finish at the 2006 NMBS race.

Best of luck to the only team that matters (mine) and please see that Roger has enough beer to drink. His job is a thankless one, so at least get him loaded so he forgets about the dust, heat, and 20 hour days at the NMBS races. Thanks in advance to everyone, including the sponsors! Good luck everyone, have fun and I miss you all. Enjoy the pictures from Firestone races past!

Roger dutifully waiting for his peeps (Vanessa pictured here) in the feed zone.

Randy Rush sprinting past the last three guys in his class just before the finish.

Bert's custom made hand-pad, after his palm-fracture at JPL in the Verdugo Mountains. He still raced. He's tougher than you are. A LOT tougher..

The main Fuzz man in the wash in one of my favorite pix ever at this race.

Dawn with no need to explain why women are the dominant species....Don't make me say it. Please? BOOBIES!!! There. Ya happy?

Jay in a nice tuck in the final corner from 2006.

Bert's wheelsucking leech, who never took a turn the entire three laps of this race. Can you say "brake-check?" I knew ya could..

The Fuzziest after breaking his RLX/POLO Team issue TOMAC. THAT's what I call recovery!

Ara's busted frame...and wrist.


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