Thursday, May 08, 2008

Six Six One RAJI Gloves Have Arrived!

I've heard of "munching box" before, but I'll pass on this one!

THANK YOU to Mr. Jay "Junk-Box" Schippers for my shipment of 661 RAJI XC gloves in Black and also in White! These have been my all time favorite gloves for some time now, and the 2008 models don't seem to be the ones to break that cycle. They fit so well and look so damn good, they kinda remind me of hottie Valerie, who's hubby Karl is RIGHT NOW plotting my death (by the way, how are the kids, you guys???)!

*****Valerie and Cody at the Camp-N-Ride, the day AFTER he was born! I love these guys...******************************

Cole and Cody in Huntington Beach

Cole and his wheels. Don't even act like that isn't the cutest damn thing EVER.

Jay has been looking out for all of us for some time, and I would like to say thanks for all the help known and unknown. One day, we may actually get DH jerseys that would fit a human being, instead of a GIANT F*****G SQUID, but for now we'll have to make due. Hope you get back to Cali soon...unless Jim cries when you leave, that would be sad. Anyway, thanks Jay-Hood, I needed gloves real bad.


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