Monday, November 17, 2008

It Begins

Last week, it looked like this at Old Man's Cave in Ohio....

Today it is snowing, and Hayden Run Falls is about a week away from looking like this. Say goodbye to laying out and sipping sangria in the midwest...

Thursday and Friday here was about 70 degrees and perfect. The sun was out, birds were chirping, and some guy from the OSU pistol team was rapidly discharging his weapon into a target somewhere. We worked in the yard, used the BBQ for dinner, and hadn't had the heater on in MONTHS. Yesterday that all changed. Clouds moved in and the air dried out....and BAM! The temperature dropped into the twenties yesterday as flurries worked their way down slowly from an angry sky. I awoke today to small bits of the white stuff sticking to my windshield. It's winter now, just like that! I have been pouring over old French military fortification drawings from Louisiana so I can build a snow-fort capable of withstanding a full frontal assault by the neighborhood children.

A fortified entrance to the Maginot Line near Alsace, called Ouvrage Schoenenbourg.

I hope they aren't as smart as the Axis powers were during WWII when they simply marched AROUND the Maginot Line and took Paris in a matter of days. If the kids manage to take the backyard, my BBQ will fall into enemy hands.

Now that the white stuff is falling, I will be relegated to the studded KENDA tires for the loooong and freezing winter here. I wish that global warming would hurry up already, ice is no fun to ride on!


At 9:39 AM, Blogger Vegas said...

So I shouldn't tell you it was almost 90 here this weekend? That it's so hot and dry here that half the state is on FIRE?

Just checking.

At 7:13 AM, Blogger JIMBO said...

Should I tell you that we only pay 5% sales tax and I just payed $1.79 for gas.... Oh yeah, the riding is pretty good too! -Jimbo


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