Friday, November 07, 2008

New KENDA LEGEND's Tires Coming!

Winner of all, John Tomac and Tomac Bicycles' Joel Smith.Oh and Bob.

I was at Kenda today and spoke with Stephano and Nick, since they had the new sample molds in for NEW LEGENDS TIRES for next year! Hans Rey has a smaller and less aggressive trail bike tire coming that looks like a solid all-'rounder, and Eric Carter has a sick looking semi-slick XC tire on the way too.

When I spoke with Tinker the Sunday prior to Interbike, he said he was also going to revamp the tread for the old favorite, the KLIMAX LITE. He was racing a KLIMAX LITE on the front of his bike at the "Cactus Cup" race that day. He had a KARMA 2.0 on the back...

I saw three of the sample molded-tire patterns in plastic today, and they all should do very well. Of course, they will probably change 400 times from now and the time they hit store shelves...but guys Tomac, Lopes, Hans, Tinker and Eric know what they are doing!
Look for Backboners to be running the prototypes as soon as they come from Taiwan..

Perhaps one day the Fuzz will have his own Legend's tire...called the Follicle or something???


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