Friday, November 14, 2008


Backbone DH racer and Sunline product developer Jay Schippers, after a heavy night of creating a NEW XC STEM that's lighter and stronger than anything you have now.

Jay-Hood doing REAL product testing at the DH course in Fontucky, at the 2007 NORBA NMBS season opener.

Focusing primarily on gravity hard goods for the past two years, Sunline is set to drop a brand new XC STEM on the masses next week! Lighter and tougher than anything you can imagine or buy, this new foray into the XC market will be seen on all the Backboner's TOMAC's for the coming XC season! Jay has just returned from a week and a half in Asia, where he was finalizing colors and quantities for the SUNLINE product line. He says these new stems will be amazingly light, and will go just swell with the V-1 Carbon riser bars, saddles, and headsets they make.

World Famous Vegas Bob's Carbide, equipped with a pair of Sunline grips and their hot as hell carbon V-1 riser bar.

Jay will be sending me specs and pictures soon, maybe even by the end of the check back here by this afternoon for the real update...but remember where you got the scoop people...that's right...right here on my personal little fun house.
The team blog is like Milli Vanilli records. Nobody claims to know anything about it, but they sold millions of somebody's lying! I know you all read it, so just fess up about your dirty little secret....we all know anyway.

At Interbike, all the new TOMAC product had Sunline lock-on grips.

The Sunline product line on display at the 2007 Interbike show.


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