Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Touch My Chatahoochie, and other tales from Atlanta.

The drive to Atlanta was fun. It was dark and freezing cold, but fun. It's amazing what cheesy '80's music and a large coffee can do for driving morale. Atlanta was a great bike town. Everyone rides here, and the city is amazingly bicycle friendly. Bike paths that wind through parks and connect to downtown and all the small villages on the outskirts of town were sweet.

We stayed at Lydia's dad's benefactor's home in Norcross. Her home was enormous, and sat on a 100 acre plot of land in a bend on the Chatahoochie River. The dogs were fun to run around with, and the property had enough elevation to make a sick slalom run or pump track out of. Lydia's dad's art was everywhere in the house, and his studio was in the old garage next to a perfectly preserved 1929 Rolls Royce.

We were in Atlanta so Lydia could play at Eddie's Attic, but we spent most of the four day trip hanging out in Virginia Highlands and Little Five Points. The area reminded me a ton of Burbank and Riverside.

Old friend and So Cal native Debbie Crawford met us for breakfast. She now lives in Canton, Georgia.

Creative Loafing entertainment reporter Jeff Slate, glad to see Lyd return happy and successful to a neighborhood of people that ended up not so much the same. The local Atlanta newspaper will be featuring Lyd and her dad in a HUGE write up in January!

Hanging out at one of Lyd's old jobs, the El Myr. Cool place to grab food and a beer! Many people still remembered her, and came to the show. It was warm and sunny there, and the hills made me wish I had my new TOMAC TYPE X to power through the tight and twisty roads. Decatur was full of tree lined streets that would make great group ride mornings in the Fall.

Back to 35 degree days here in C-Bus, where my windshield is caked with morning frost....can't wait to get out and ride before the big freeze of '09!


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