Thursday, January 15, 2009


"We've demonstrated there are regions of active (methane) release"

Michael Mumma, NASA

Large quantities of methane gas have been detected on Mars, NASA scientists have announced in Science Journal.

The gas could be produced either by geological activity or by life.

Methane was detected in the Martian atmosphere five years ago; scientists have found it is more abundant over particular parts of the planet.

It should last for only a short time in the atmosphere until it is destroyed by sunlight, and so its continued presence means it is being replenished.

This suggests the methane is made by an ongoing process.

I blame Bert Blanchette.

Vanessa is seen here with her JPL-designed 661 Raji gloves, with integrated Martian radioscopy methane sampling sensors. Turns out Bert's broccoli consumption registers the same as the Martian atmosphere.

Hey, Backboners just saved tax payers billions in Martian rover landing craft!


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