Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Randy Wins Again!!

Chris! So put another check on the Fontucky calendar. It was a great weekend with good weather and really good courses. Saturday started off with XC and I am feeling better every week and hung with the leaders all race. Also after doing a couple DH races I can tell a big difference in XC downhills! I can make up a lot of time on guys now which is really cool because I don't have the climbing legs yet... but they are coming. Anyway the XC race was good, and Donnie added a new single track that was really fun with some off camber stuff... just really cool and with that the course was also a little longer. So when all was said and done I got seventh out of twelve guys which I wish was a little better but even with a little longer course I knocked off two and a half minutes off of last races time! I'm happy with that. Next up was the super-d race and this one wasn't to my liking. We started at the DH start and used some of the DH course with some rocky sections. My XC race bike wasn't digging that, so I kind of pussed out in those sections and end up getting fifth out of ten. It was a podium, but not my best super-d result this year. Man I wish I would have had a Snyper 140 for that course! Sunday comes around and off we go for DH practice. Now I didn't do but one run on Saturday because I was so f***ing tired, so I did four on Sunday and man the course was to my liking. It was all dirt except for the bottom rock garden but none in the middle like usual. The dirt was still wet from the rains we've had so it was great and I had the opportunity to feel like a factory guy because Jay-bone was kind enough to let me ride his bike for the whole weekend (Thanks again Jay)! Once I learned a little about riding a DH bike it just made the course that much funnier for me. So my race run was good right up until the second g-out on the course ,where I went in a little hot I think and came out totally standing on the front wheel (Jay and Trevor saw it dam-it and were laughing at me)but I saved it and continued and had a good run. We had six guys and I won this weekend so two out of three podiums was a good weekend for me. I really want that X-C podium but I'm working on it. Well that's all Captn., we will be at Bonelli this weekend talk to you next week.


***Great job Randizzle! Sounds like you may trading in that XC career for some gravity! I remember how much faster my XC times were after a few seasons of racing DH with Bob and Noemi, Lisa Reinhardt, etc. back in the day. Startling what you could make an 80mm fork do on 1.75 tires with rim brakes and flat bars when you aren't crapping your pants on a steep! Thanks again, I miss you guys, and best of luck at Bonelli!***


At 6:51 PM, Blogger Vegas said...

GREAT JOB RANDY! And to Taylor and Trevor, too.

Here's my race report: I didn't race. My poor Marzocchi Corsa blew an oh-oh-O-ring at some point in the last two weeks while in the garage, so when I rolled it out on Friday nite it had a whopping 20mm of travel! After staying up till almost 1 trying to figure out what the dilio wuz and never getting it, I was very tired and definitely not willing to race XC on my 35lb bike. Boo hoo. Hopefully I can get it all sussed out before Bonelli, though.

At 7:51 AM, Blogger rushman said...

Thanks VB we were looking for ya. get that thing fixed and we'll see you at bonelli.


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