Friday, February 13, 2009

A Valentine's Gift Worth Giving.

The TOMAC SNYPER is the best gift you could give your loved one this year. It's light, fast, and built to take an insane amount of abuse. Jim Roff has one, and Taylor is ordering his for Sea Otter this week! There are two models, and BOTH are worth every penny. Want to make your loved-one's heart palpitate with trail-worthy goodness? Call your local TOMAC dealer today and get it ordered up. The bearings have a sweet seal on them NOT FOUND on other trail bikes, so be sure to appreciate the smoothness and longevity of those babies! Happy EARLY Valentine's Day, bike freaks!

From TOMAC bikes....
When we set out to design the all-new Snyper 140, we knew we wanted to accomplish three major things:
1) Provide a high degree of lateral rigidity for precise steering
2) create a suspension system that would allow for both excellent pedaling efficiency and bump absorption, and
3) have the bike be light enough to be capable on ascents and flickable on descents.

The Snyper 140 is all of these things combined: a do-it-all bike that is stiff, light and breathes high performance.

The Snyper 140 is a do-it-all bike designed for rough climbing and descending.


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