Sunday, February 15, 2009


Rog praying to the God of rubber, Jim Wannamaker.

The tire order has arrived at Roger's house Staurday, and now his garage has EVEN MORE team crap in it! The Colorado guys' tires are there as well, so maybe I'll have Taylor take them to a MSC race and meet Jimbo and Corty? Anyhow, some of you asked for the new 1.8 Dred Tread stuff, so lemme know how you like them. Sea Otter is approaching fast, so we need to get together and consolidate drivers/rooms (can we get the same house we had last year?) for the few days. POB from Amino Vital will only be there for one day. Have a great week guys, and the Amino Vital order should be coming soon...

The Kenda tires are so fast, Roger can't even feed Vanessa in time at some races!


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