Monday, February 16, 2009

Lance Jacked!

Lance's team issue time trial bike was jacked (along with a couple of other bikes) from the team truck at their Sacramento hotel parking lot after Saturday's stage in the Tour Of California. Apparently, some guy asked for "new wheels" for Valentine's Day, and the wife bought him a lawnmower. This comes days after a press interview with Lance that yielded a nasty argument with a former Pro cyclist and current media man. It turned into a shouting match over doping. Lance managed to then turn the man's question's into something about cancer (they weren't) and the two men unceremoniously argued for some time. Not a great start to the ATOC, but hopefully things will improve. Lance finished 29th in the Tour Down Under, the first big race back this year.

Remember a few years ago when Tinker was jacked on the L.A. River Bike Path? He does..


At 11:47 AM, Blogger taylor said...

Damn, that sucks! I can just see some dirt bag wandering into a bike shop with Lance's custom TT bike and asking if they want to buy it for $500!


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