Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Smelly Bonelli" This Weekend!

Although we will be in Atlanta, we will be secretly yelling for you guys the whole day!

Once again, the California State Series Opener is upon us. After racing what seems to be a never ending cycling season in So Cal, it starts all over again...almost like it ever ENDED to begin with! Roger is trying to bail himself out of jail as we speak, so he can feed you band of hungry mongrels this weekend. This is where he got his ticket LAST YEAR that turned into the warrant for his arrest THIS YEAR! Cool, eh? Anyhow, Lydia's show in Atlanta this weekend will keep me away from the computer (but my phone will be on, so PLEASE call me and tell me how everyone's doing!), but we will be pulling for all of you at Bonelli. Thank the PMBC crew for me, and BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL..GO TEAM! I'll post pix from the past couple of Bonelli races, just to prepare you...


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