Monday, February 09, 2009

Taylor Of The Tape.

Well guys, another fine weekend at Fontucky has just passed. The weather on Saturday was nearly perfect for riding, I haven't ridden a course that fast and tacky in a long time. I think everybody agreed that it was one of the better courses Donny and the crew at Southridge has put together. However, my run of luck changed a bit Sunday. The original weather report called for sunshine... we got downpours instead. The course was still a blast to ride, albeit a bit more slippery. My race run was a far cry from my practice runs on Saturday. It began with a partial dismount near the top of the course, followed up with an over the bars incident in the middle, and just to cap things off I had a little off course excursion and entanglement disaster with the course tape near the bottom. I was hoping to either repeat or improve my results over my 15th place finish 2 weeks ago, but looks like it'll have to wait until the next stop in the series to try and improve my results. While I had a far from perfect run, it looks like the luck I didn't have on my side was saved for Trevor and Darter! I actually got to witness Darter come completely off his bike, spend a couple seconds straightening his bars, remount... and still WIN his Expert class! And the Southridge crew didn't think he was ready for either Pro or Vet-Pro??? Hmmm... I believe it's time for them to rethink their decision. The picture was taken by my Dad, and in it.. I am just about to lose control and go careening through (maybe a rear slick wasn't a wise tire choice?) the course tape you see in the picture. Don't worry, no parents were harmed in the taking of this photo.


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