Saturday, May 16, 2009

661-Sunline-Royal Top Secret Test Track.

Backboner and Sunline Product Developer Jason Schippers is hard at work on the new test track somewhere in the hills near Santa Clarita, California. He is busy making the best gravity products money can buy, and this is how they get tested for real. Do they just trust the designers and CAAD machines? Nope. They bust a huge road gap pinned and see if they can make it fail in the real world. That's sweet. Here you see one of Jay's test subjects attempting to break the new Sunline bars, seat, grips, stem, etc. so you don't have to. Nice. Thanks Jay for this spy-photo of the new test facility! Click on the link under the "Sponsors" heading for product info..

Jay pictured here aboard his TOMAC PRIMER in Crested Butte, wearing a Leatte Brace for his Mountain States Cup Race.


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