Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Chucky-T Breaks It Open At Woodward!

Hey Chris,
Just got back from a weekend at the first round of the RockShox State Series run by Donny and the Southridge crew. The course was different than last year, it seems to have actually gotten shorter (fast times seemed to all be under 1:10, fastest was a 1:03). But, it was a fun course to ride. The jumps were kinda small, and definitely required some major speed control and scrubbing to avoid over clearing them by a mile. I had two decent runs, and rode my Snyper 140 to a top 10 finish in the Pro class. By race day the course was really chewed up in a few places, and I'm sure a bigger DH bike would have been an advantage, as the entire Pro podium switched to their big bikes for race day. But anyway, I hit my goal of finishing in the top 10. Also, mucho props to Darter for pulling double gold this weekend! He won his 4x race, and absolutely destroyed his Expert class in the downhill!


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