Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Meet Austin Benge

New to the team, Austin Benge hails from St. Helena, California. Austin used to race for the Santa Cruz Jr. Devo Team, but has found a home here at Backbone Adventure Cycling where all his young and reckless dirt-bagginess is welcome. Austin likes long walks in the woods, writing poetry, playing the lute.....

...and DROPPING IN ON SOME SICK SINGLETRACK ON HIS TOMAC PRIMER! Austin is a rock-star in training, racing for us in the "Baby-Pro" division. Fresh from a killer top-10 qualifier at The U.S.Open Of Downhill back east, Austin travels to New Zealand, Whistler, and even Neverland Ranch if the "Jesus Juice" is strong enough! This young lad and his brother Cody are young rippers for sure.

Look for pictures of Austin here frequently, and on Tomac's fansite, His brother will be on a Primer soon, too, so don't forget about his other-half!

Welcome Austin to the Backbone Gravity squad for the remainder of this year, and on through 2010. Go get some, ya little pinner!


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