Saturday, July 04, 2009

Rim Nordic Pix!

I'm completely unsure as to why my Mac couldn't save this photo once I flipped it (about 100 times) in Photoshop, so here ya go, I'm tired of trying!

Claudia Espinoza pounded her way to the top spot at the Rim Nordic XC race last weekend! The photo shows Claudia in the same spot she'll be in a future Olympic MTB race. Roger and the crew rolled up to the race, along with Vegas Bob, Humberto Castro, Randy "I just broke my new Snyper rear derailleur hanger" Rush, Cheyne McKeever and a PILE of Amino Vital product.
It was a hot day, and Vegas Bob got to the race about 12 seconds after it had already started. VB has so many speeding tickets, he singlehandedly funded the new fleet of BELL helicopters the CHP uses to hunt him down on the way to races.

Claudia allows herself one treat per year, and apparently it's Otter Pops. My favorite is Alexander The Grape. What's yours?

Vegas Bob and Humberto getting ready to get ready. Bob's diet of strippers and beer keeps him in tip-top shape for World Cup level competition. It just doesn't work as well at Rim Nordic.

Orale! Humberto just finished up stabbing someone for their curb feelers and is seen here ready to race at Rim Nordic. His bike is made from recycled '64 Impala parts, and even has hydraulics!

Randy is seen here hammering past the start/finish area, unaware that about one more mile in, his pedal would fall apart and he would eat total shit...just like he did yesterday at Noble Canyon. One day, he'll realize it's hard to race with a live that failed
months ago.

Claudia ravaged her bike and her body in the technical and dusty mountain course. She would finish we she often 1st.

The Amino Vital Endurance Formula kept the team rocking in the summer heat. If you don't use it, you should...otherwise you may end up all slow and ugly like Chris (that's me)!

The TOMAC CARBIDE is so bad ass, the other bikes have formed a "body-guard" coalition to keep it from harm's way. See how they cocoon it, in case another bike were to try to take it out? That's respect, bitches!


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