Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Travel Report From Fuzzy

Hey Chris!

Just got back from Montana last night, toooo long of a drive man. Had a
good trip into Big Sky country. Did some major mileage on the roadie in
Montana and especially in Yellowstone National Park located in Wyoming.
We had two full days of riding in the park and still didnt get the
chance to see everything there, its too massive. Pretty amazing land
out there though just the fact that we were riding in a massive caldera
that spans 45 miles wide and it blew its lid thousands of years ago and
now is growing again is just mind-boggling. From the caldera's
metamorphic walls, geysers shooting super heated water into the air,
fumeroles releasing steam that sounds like a jet engine, hot springs
alive with bacteria, earthquake faults to prestine rivers and high
alpine forests. The wildlife is also amazing; roaming herds of bison,
bald eagles and ospreys diving to catch fish, moose, wolves, and of
course the grizzlys! Here are a few pics from ridin in the Park, we
actually got caught in a massive thunderstorm that blew in out of
nowhere ... reminds me of the time we rode in the Brian Head area
hiding under the trees and getting pelted by hailstones.

I'm actually heading up into the Sierras again tomorrow until Friday.
No bikes this time just straight mountaineering the peaks in our
beloved granite monolith.

I'll talk to you later when I get back!

The Wanderlust Fuzz


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