Thursday, July 02, 2009

Randy's Rim Nordic Race Report..

Hey Captn,

Well last weekend a few of us "Boners" (I love saying that) headed up to the Rim for race number 1 of there summer series, now I was really looking forward to this because I love these races very technical very hard and just plain fun.Anyhoo they are now running Super-D on Saturday to but I could not make that but I understand the hitman kicked some ass on Saturday good job Brant. So I roll in on Sunday get all unloaded and signed up get in touch with Roger to find out when they were showing and he tells me that V is sick and won't be racing but he was coming with the newbie's on the team Claudia, and Cheyen. We popped up the new Kenda e-z up and all got ready.

In my class we had 16 guys but they ran three class's together so we a lot of people off the start and I managed to roll out of the first tern in fifth so I was feeling good and that lasted about another quarter of a mile when I had a pedal malfunction ( NO KEN IT WAS NOT THE PEDALS IT WAS LACK OF CHECKING THE PINS THAT GO THREW THE SPRINGS) and came loose and on the first downhill my foot came off and down I went I guess that's what I get for not checking everything on my bike, so anyway now I'm dead last and trying to climb without being clipped in and that turned to be a real bitch and I even fell over on a climb (I can't believe I admitted that) so three quarters of the way threw the first lap I'm telling myself F it just quit but I never quit in moto so I'm not going to start now and I figured out I could still clip in on the other side of the pedal although it was a bitch to try and spin to one side and get in but it worked out and my second lap was pretty fun and actually I ran eight minutes faster on lap two and passed a few guys in my class to finish 11th.

They also had some new sections that were really fun because they took out the old switchback section at least for this race but the laps were over eight miles long so that was cool. As far as the rest of the team VB showed up twenty seven seconds before his start according to Roger I didn't even know he was there until Roger asked to feed him after my race but he said he didn't have a good and finished up thirteenth on the day. I also met Claudia and Cheyen and Claudia
picked up the slack for the rest of us by winning her class and Cheyen finish up sixth.

All in all it was a pretty fun day but man I forgot how damn hard Rim Nordic is but it was great to be back after missing all there races last year. Well next up big bear in two weeks so we will talk to you then.


**Thanks Randizzle! Your replacement pedals are en route as we speak!**


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