Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tomac Carbide Ride Report

Hey Captn, whats up?

Just wanted to send another e-mail about the new Carbide. I went out on a real mnt. bike ride on it a week ago to see how it was set up, and holy crap was I impressed! Tthat bike is unbelievable. The loop we rode is about 24 miles long and has 1900' of climbing on it. There are some real sandy sections and alot of double track. There's not alot of technical stuff but the one thing it does have and where I was most impressed with the Carbide is the square edge bumps.

So the Specialized I really liked with had lock out levers or pro pedal stuff, but with the brain suspension it takes one- one hundreth of a second for the blow off valve to open after hitting a bump ..and that's exactly where I noticed the biggest difference in the Carbide. Now I don't understand all the different types of suspension single pivot, dw link, four bar link whatever I know these are single pivot and if read much the mags try and say, single pivot isn't so great when you apply brakes. Horse shit! The rear end of this bike is amazingly plush compared to my Specialized. When I hit square edge bumps I was saying to myself WOW because with the split second on the brain shock I would feel all of those bumps but not with this one.

Anyway I just wanted to say I love this bike and I can't wait to go ride it again because I just put on a brand new rock shox sid team fork yesterday so I need to go testing again I can't wait. I also want to say THANKS to Joel at Tomac for supporting the team of misfits nd this is really great bike Joel, and thanks to you and Roger Captn. for giving me the opportunity to have one of these bikes.

Thanks and I will see you at Interbike.



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