Monday, August 17, 2009

Crankworx Canada Report From Chuck-T.

Yo Cap'n,
Crankworx was awesome, I highly reccomend that anyone interested in gravity racing of any kind attend this at least once before they die! I had about 5 days of the best and gnarliest riding ever, but it all came to a rather painful end on Saturday morning while I was practicing for my race on Sunday. I decided to do my best impression of a tomahawk while riding down "the chute" on the Canadian Open DH course. The end result of this impression was a slightly bent handlebar, and two fractured ribs (added to my sprained finger suffered earlier in the week... long story).

My entire right leg is one big bruise, and I have a stab wound from something sharp that hit my stomach and pierced my jersey. At first I decided to "man-up" and finish my race, and do one more practice run, so I returned to my condo, popped some pain meds, and headed back to practice (I think the adrenaline was still running, as I heard my ribs crack when I crashed, but the pain hadn't quite kicked in yet).

I got halfway down the course before I realised that doing 25ft-30ft jumps with TWO FRACTURED RIBS wasn't going to work. So, I had to sit this one out. But I got some great photos during the course of the week, and I'll send you a more detailed account of all of Crankworx after I get back in the states.

Also, mucho props to Austin for pulling 2nd place in the open Junior Mens class in the Canadian Open Enduro race! Kick ass!


At 3:10 PM, Blogger Vegas said...

Ouch, hope you heal up soon Taylor :(


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