Monday, September 07, 2009

Bike The C-Bus!

After closing the store Friday night at 9:30, I had to drive to Stuart's place to get my cavernous KENDA E-Z Up. That put me home around 10:15 or so. After a quick shower and some food, it was off to sleepy-night-night time. It was going to be a horribly long day Saturday, and I knew it. Bike The C-Bus, then the Long Street Tour, then the wifey had TWO shows later that night! The alarm shattered my dreams of being anything other than a dork at about 5:45a.m. It was dark outside, and the area was still fast asleep from the activities of a busy Capital City Friday night. I was en route to the famed Lincoln Theatre on the East Side for the annual ride and race. I was to be the designated mechanic for the start finish area.

There to meet me were the people of the local Major Taylor Society, ready to rock and roll: at 6a.m. The guys were unbelievably nice, and even bought me coffee since the entire city was still dark when I left home and nobody was open. They had some members there for the race, so I quickly went over their bikes before the 10a.m. start time.

The riders began piling up by 6:45am to get bike work done prior to the Bike The C-Bus ride. It was a thirty five miler that showcased some of the city's more colorful neighborhoods. Everyone was off by about 8a.m., and I had already worked on about thirty bikes! Everyone was eager to get on with the ride.

Rolling through downtown, the Olentangy Trail, parts of the Arena District and High Street, the ride was a crowd pleaser for sure. The traffic was non-existent for the ride, despite the OSU game that day. Perfect weather made for a perfect ride.

Once back home at the Lincoln Theatre, the race promoters started getting the days competitive arena dialed in. roll:Easton's manager Adam brought a sick BMC SL01 road bike down to race the Cat4-5. He was easily able to win this race, with great tactical acumen keeping him within striking distance...until disaster struck. A rider behind him rode up his back wheel, blowing out a huge and gaping hole in his back tire. His race was over. The rider who struck him went down horribly hard, and was surprisingly fortunate enough not to have broken his arm or collarbone.

The short and fast course took it's toll, and a number of riders bit the big-red-enchilada in the hairpin turn aft of the start-finish line. The crit was great to watch. Forty minutes of fast laps and a positioning, then a whistle, followed by two more laps of frenzied sprinting. Nice.

The corners were scrabbly and un-swept. Riders came into these corners hot, and often left the race course within the wailing confines of the meat-wagon. It was a spectacle to behold, and unlike most XC mountain bike races, very spectator friendly.

Packing it up at about 2pm or so, I headed home for a few brief moments before Lyd's show at Norka Futon for Gallery Hop, then off immediately to The Thirsty Ear for show #2.

It's always to nice to see customers out at store events and personal stuff too!

"Receding Hairline, party of one?" This was the last thing I remember before Lyd loaded my bloated carcass into the car.

I was pleased when roll: Easton's Jamie called me Monday to say I was NOT needed to work the afternoon shift.

Sweet nap time...


At 11:45 AM, Blogger Tookie said...

Capt' is that you or the drummer for the stray cats.

At 4:05 PM, Blogger Sharpie said...

No, it was me..I know because he's talented, desired, has sweet outfits, and lives in L.A. OH WAIT!! Maybe that IS me! Nope..I live here..damn.


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