Monday, September 07, 2009

Chuck-T Officially A Dumb-Ass!

Chucky T went out on a fun-ride with James Schwanke the evening before his big Legends Race in Mammoth. In so doing, he managed to break his arm. Medical staff refused to cast or wrap it in expectation that he would probably (like a dumb-ass) try to race on it. So...what's the SMART thing to do? Find friend and fellow Pro mountain bike racer Timari Pruis and have her split open a KENDA DH tube box, filet it, butterfly it, then take gratuitous amounts of duct-tape and wrap it. Thankfully, all the years of Timari working at COTSCO have apparently made her a certified doctor. Also, living in the double-wide trailer has made Timari crafty. You have to be, with the constant threat of a hurricane hovering over the only trailer in Tahoe!

**Yep, looks like a doctor to me!**


At 12:09 PM, Blogger timari said...

Correction to your blog Captain......they were not riding the night before, and were in fact running thru the Village at Mammoth playing grab ass with each other (they were actually playing some slapping game....but grab ass sounds better....) and Taylor fell down and went boom! :) Glad to hear he finished 9th, I didn't want to take responsibility if he tanked! Oh, and in my defense, I am at least in school to try to get into Nursing school!!!!! Do you think they would approve of my splinting job?????? :) Living in a double wide, I do have lots of experience with duct tape!


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