Sunday, September 27, 2009

Website Down

Lyd and I were up until way too late dealing with (or trying to, anyway). It seems that despite the fact Lydia transfered the site from Gate to her hosting account at, the "pointers" were never altered from Gate. That would initially seem easy to fix (via a phone call?), except NOBODY picked up the phone at all 7 of their 24 hour support numbers last night. They have no e-mail help, so that was out, too. I tried sending smoke signals as a last ditch attempt, but all I managed to do was order an anchovy pizza with mustard. My smoke signal skills suck. will likely be Monday or Tuesday before the site is back up, please be patient!

I am very pleased with this, since we just returned from interbike with a great press kit, three TV interviews, LOTS of meetings, three sponsor product catalog photos, and a letter printed in the new Mountain Bike Action magazine. I love technology!


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