Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Love For Isaac.

Remember The Love Boat? What a great show, seriously. I always loved how every time the guests would arrive, and a woman of ANY ethnic variety would appear in front of cruise-director "Julie," the show's title ended up being "Love For Isaac." You remember Isaac, don't you? He was the small and funny bartender who seemed to have a secret Wonka-vator behind every bar on the ship. Martini on the Lido-deck? He was there. Margarita in the Ballroom? On it! Well...Vegas Bob is kinda' in "the same boat." OK, that sucked, sorry..but hear me out. We all try very hard to get Bob some action, and so every time we see a photo of him with a woman (real or imagined), we post a blog entitled "Love For Isaac." Here he is at Interbike with his new lady-friend, Birch. They will live very happy for some time, as witnessed by Bob's creepy man-stare at what he mistakenly is assuming are her two faces. Look up, Bob...look up!


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