Monday, October 05, 2009

The Hydrapak Morro

OK, so I must say that the new MORRO from Hydrapak is evolution at it's finest. I hate chest straps on hydration packs, and typically they are met with a sharp knife blade right out of the box. The MORRO's chest and waist straps ( I NEVER use the waist straps. Ever.) were so perfectly placed and comfortable, I actually forget I had them buckled up after I began my ride this morning. Coming off the old (four years now?) Hydrapak I have, the new MORRO's design upgrades and materials were startling. From the design of the interior spaces that held all the metal bits and tools tight and quiet, to the shape of the shoulder straps and narrow pack layout..the MORRO was the most non-hydration-pack-hydration pack I have ever used. Oh, and the magnet-thingy that keeps the hose in check and easily accessible? Money.

Thanks for making the best packs on the market, and for continuing to let the delinquents here at Backbone Adventure Cycling be your test-monkeys.


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