Thursday, October 01, 2009

Vanessa & Cheyne IN For Vision Quest!

The view from Upper Holy Jim Trail

Once here, the only way to go (for now) is DOWN....

Stream crossing in Black Star Canyon.

The event sold out in about five seconds again this year, but we got TWO Backboners in for the crazy death-march! Starting at 5a.m on Saturday MARCH 20th, the riders will embark on a journey through the Santa Ana Mountains that would crush mere mortals....except Vegas Bob, who's Ultra Quest race is by far the more demanding of the two. the ride covers 56.5 miles of fire-road and singletrack, with an elevation total of 11,000 feet. It sold out in an instant. The photo ops in those mountains (between the Pacific Ocean and The Inland Empire) are numerous and worthy. This is the playground for MANY top Pro DH and XC racers, so it's gonna be a BLAST!


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