Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tomac Carbide SL Reviewed In MBA!

The newest Carbide in the fleet is Sean Cavaluchy's, but it's not the SL!

Bert showing off his Backbone Team Issue Tomac Carbide frame from 2007.

I just received my new issue of Mountain Bike Action Magazine in the mail, and they are reviewing the TOMAC CARBIDE SL!
As usual, the reviews are awesome..and why not? The bikes have been rocking it hard for us for the past two (more than that now) years, and it's great to see other people saying what we have known for a while. The bikes are bad-ass. Their factory '09 issue bike weighs in at 25.4 lbs, but the 2010 will have a full SRAM XX kit with all the cool new it may be a bit lighter.

Keep in mind that Randy's Carbide (NOT THE SL) weighs in at 24.5lbs, and Vanessa's Carbide (NOT THE SL) weighed in at this bike frame with the right parts kit should be able to get REALLY lean. My TYPE X in a large, with nothing over XT on it and a SUNLINE hardgoods build sits at 21.5 lbs with computer, bottle cage, and pedals! Crazy, right?


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