Thursday, December 03, 2009

FORMULA R-1 Brakes Back In Stock.

The R1 is the premiere XC race disc brake on the market today, and the riders here at Backbone Adventure Cycling just received a call that the orders are IN! The lightest disc brake ever made for a bicycle combines its astonishingly low weight with top-level power and performance. While at Interbike this year, we had a chance to stop by and check them out. Randy was blown away by how much power those little stoppers have! The brake comes stock at 279g, but can be dropped all the way down to 263g with a little bit of tuning. The forged MC body and caliper provide increased modulation, braking power and durability. Even at this low weight, the R1 generates more than enough power for All Mountain or Enduro use. The R1 uses a patented caliper piston system that increases fluid capacity in the caliper further increasing performance under heavy use.

The Gravity Guys will likely be running THE ONE. TheONE’s patented forged caliper and large 24mm pistons generate enormous stopping force. Designed as a DH Race brake the power, weight, modulation and adjustability of TheONE have won its international acclaim by both print and online media.
For 2010 we added a new MC wich drops the weight all the way down to 308g making it the lightest DH brake on the market today -nothing else is even close.
Say hello to the 2010 The One – the lightest and most powerful DH brake ever made. Look for Formula Disc Brakes on the 'Boners bikes for 2010!


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