Tuesday, December 08, 2009

History For Sale

OK, so here goes...Susan DeMattei (pictured) used to race for the Ralph Lauren Polo RLX Pro Team. Prior to the days of racing on Tomac, they raced Litespeed Ti hardtails. That team was a HUGE powerhouse, with riders like JHK, Willow Koerber, Jimena Florit, etc. so it was kind of a surprise when their $ dried up in 2004 (not really, it IS domestic bike racing).

When we started the team in the middle of that same year, we had bought many of the left over TOMAC hardtails from the team captain that year, Dave Weins. We bought one of Jimena Florit's, one of Dave's, and a couple of JHK's bikes. Vegas Bob had found THIS Ti beauty from the last year they were on Litespeeds, and it was Susan's PERSONAL bike. It is now on sale so VB can buy a new road bike. He has been on his Tomac Carbide, and just isn't riding this amazing bike anymore.

Equipped with XTR everything and Spinergy wheels, it's stupid-light and wicked fast for most XC races. It's a fantastic collector bike too, and is a back-country climber's wet dream.

Warming on the trainer with teammate Vanessa Humic prior to a race in Colorado. Susan would be proud to know her bike is still out there!

VB a few years back at the NORBA in Brian Head, just after reaching the turn along the fireroad climb from Marathon Trail to Sydney Peak Trail.

If you are interested in this bike, please contact us via the team website or blog!


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