Monday, February 15, 2010

Ara's Palm Springs Century Report

Hey Chris, here is a little write up and thank you for Amino Vital ! Please forward this to them!

This past weekend we completed our first century of the year, the Tour of Palm Springs. The small close knit group of riders have been training very hard getting in shape for the ride. We knew that our water bottles needed to be filled with the best sports drink and not just suger and water. Two of our riders are in their mid-fifties, one in their forties, another in his thirties, and a young buck in the twenties. I have been using Amino Vital for the past several years for training and racing mountain bikes, so I convinced the crew to give it a try. Couple of years ago a friend and I rode the Triple Bypass ride, 120 miles - 3 mountain passes, in Colorado and did not cramp up once! That was my selling point and they were bought.

Each rider got a baggy full of Lemon Citrus flavor of the powder from heaven. At each SAG stop we refilled our bottles and kept on going. Everybody was amazed how well and fast the formula worked. Nobody cramped up and we were all feeling strong as we crossed the finish.

"Amazing how well Amino Vital worked. This is my 17th Century and have never felt better in my life!" - Bruce Osgood.

Cameron Cripps has been riding a bike for only 4 months and was planning on doing only 55 miles in Palm Springs. By the time he reached the cut-off route Cameron still had plenty of energy in his legs and continued on to finish his first Century in six hours.

On behalf of the group of riders that used Amino Vital THANK YOU so much. Four riders have been converted to real believers of your product and will continue to use it.

Another thank you for sponsoring Backbone Adventure Cycling for all these years and look forward to spreading the word at events, races, and on the street.

Ara "Fuzz" Movsessian
Cat 1 XC
Super-Domestique to elderly riders.


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