Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chuck-T's Race Report; FONTUCKY

Yo Chris,
I held off on the race report hoping that some sweet photos of my shenanigans during the race would surface on the internet, but no such luck. So here is my race wrap up, sans photos. The weekend was great, despite the 50+mph winds that we had to contend with on Saturday. The crosswinds on the course wreaked havoc with just about everybody, sending lots of people on unexpected "off course excursions." Sunday was a whole different story though- the winds held off and it stayed nice and warm! My race run went well, considering I haven't had much time to train or ride lately. Although, there was a single mistake through the steepest part of the course: I took a bad line diving into the rocks, lost control and started to slide towards the outside course tape. As I was sliding out of control down the rocks, I noticed something in my path: a small child. Let this be a lesson to all those who attend races; avoid the outside apex of corners! I temporarily pinned the little guy between my front wheel and a rock. Fortunately, the kid was just shaken up and scared more than anything else. I noticed a course medic in the area, so I pulled my bike back on the course and continued with my race run after a short pause. Given that the kid wasn't injured, I was hoping that a photographer snapped some shots of me going through the course tape and into the kid.... if anybody finds them out there, send them to me! There were over a hundred people in the rocks, someone had to have caught that on film!
I haven't checked my results yet, but considering that a good chunk of the Pro field races the world cup circuit (Hanna, Gwin, Rando...) I doubt that I made podium! It was a small turnout overall, but a very small turnout for a National Champs event. Hopefully more people make it out to the next stop!



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