Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Jerseys Are Coming!

Paul Revere would have said that, (right before the Red Coats locked him up for a couple of nights as a spy) had he been racing for the XC squad here at Backbone Adventure Cycling. The truth is, the 2010 team xc kits are to be done and shipped by Friday of this week!

**Voler's Ed Fonda, always looking out for us, like at Interbike in 2007!

Ed Fonda also informed me that for a solid MONTH after the shipment goes out, Backboners will get an e-discount code for www.velowear.com to buy anything they want at a ridiculous discount! I have been greatly enjoying my new FS ELITE Voler shorts, taken home from Interbike.

**Lydia B. getting nekked in the name of fashion behind the team/Tomac booth at ODD.

Lydia also had received a pair, and are her new fave short for the 30 mile commute to the design studio every day. New duds before Sea Otter are nice. :)

**The wife's butt, in the Voler Elite FS short.

**I'm not really sure what the hell that is. I got nothin'.


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