Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fresh Snaps From Sagebrush!

Roger representin'!

Vanessa on the backside climb.

Claudia on the opening climb, in first, where she would finish.

Jaimie (Claudia's dad) is a bad-ass!

Vegas Bob gutting it out on the Carbide.

Big-Jim Wannamaker, the ex-submariner turned Life-Saver for most mountain bikers in the U.S.A.

Vanessa on the final climb, rocking the plaid socks. She'd grab silver for the day.

Randy and Timo happy to be anywhere but work.

The Fuzz remembering why he left racing to drink copious amounts of beer.

Humberto keepin' it old school with the 2005 sleeveless kit!

Matt Thome enjoying the freedom to drink afforded by his new Hydrapak!

Cheyne field testing the structural integrity of the lycra in Voler's Backbone Team Issue clothing.

Claudia ripping everyone's legs off on the final climb.

Vegas Bob showing us his good side.

The Fuzziest happy to be sober...and alive!


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