Monday, April 19, 2010

Roger's Sea Otter Race Report!

hi Chris,

whew... what a weekend at the otter, perfect weather!!!! Sunny, light wind and not a f'n cloud in the sky!!!!

Vegas, Cheyne, Mark and Vanessa worked their butts off not just at the races but slinging Kenda tires and tubes for 4 days straight. We also stopped by Hydrapak and were treated to a soft couch that I think gave me a rash and some new Gelbots and Updated bladders for out packs, went by Sigma and thanked them again for the super duper "Hal" Rox 9.0 and 8.0 computers and picked up some new threads at Royal and Voler.

Results were as follows Vegas Bob cat 1 35-39 men 19th out of 29, Vanessa cat 1 30-39 ladies 6th out of 8, Cheyne cat 2 25-29 men 29th out of 37 and Mark cat 3 45-49 men 45th out of 65

Results of the Cliff Bar beer drinking contest Sat nite, 1st place Vanessa 6 pints, close second place Cheyne 5.6 pints would have taken 1st but stumbbled and dropped his other beers, Vegas Bob 3rd place 4 mojitos, last place Roger, sober and grumpy closing the kenda booth while cali xc teams runs wild in the jumpy jump

Results for Tarpy's steak eating contest... duh... Roger no contest

Note; had great time riding the course with Jim Roff, Timari Pruis, Vanessa, Wendy and Crystal from PMBC club... first time I ever rode with Jim Roff, hes got skills still...

Chris enough time has passed, time to move back!

much love roger

***Funny you should mention that! Lyd was just up my ass about that exact topic this week.***


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