Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vegas Bob's Version Of Race Report; Idllywild

I did a race last weekend.
It was the Idyllwild Spring Challenge.
My truck and I got there very quickly.
A man in the parking lot said “I hope you race as fast as you drive.”
I told him "I do" (I lied).
PMBC guys who didn’t even know me let me in front of them in the registration line so I could get to my race on time.
My race started.
My lower back hurt like hell.
That made the race hard.
Everyone passed me.
Climbing out of the seat felt better.
So I passed some people.
Then they passed me back when it got flatter.
The course had lots of swoopy turns and rocks.
It was very fun on my Tomac Carbide.
The 21% pavement climb was not fun.
It was long and arduous.
I used my Hydrapak Overflow and put extra salt in my Amino Vital-filled Gel Bot and my legs didn’t seize up like Chris’s heart after a Turtleburger like they did at Sea Otter.
I beat the guy in my category who was chasing me.
I sprinted around corners so he wouldn’t see me and try to catch me.
Vanessa also raced.
Cheyne said he had an audition with the Thunder from Down Under and couldn’t race.
Timari also raced.

***Timari "Booty" Pruis racing her ass off*** I drove Timari and her booty up to the start of the SuperD so she wouldn’t have to ride the bus. She has bad memories of when she rode the short bus to school. I took a picture of her. Here it is. She is going fast. We ate lots of BBQ pork at the venue. We helped Jim from Kenda with his stuff.
Roger sold lots of rubber. He told people that Vegas Bob was slow but not because of his tires. We didn't want to, but we drove home.
The End.



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