Monday, May 03, 2010

Tookie Takes Third!

The first Ohio Series race for me this year wasn't in what I would call "ideal conditions". Leaving C-bus after spending the night with Capt. Chris on Saturday, I did not know how much rain fell on the Grassman course that night.
Let me set up the Grassman for you..... It's in the middle of nowhere so if you take a hard one, you'll need a pack mule just to get you to the gravel road, and a 4x4 truck to get you to the Life Flight chopper pad 8 miles away. What else could you ask for in an awsome mountain course? It started to rain 15 mins. after the first group of rides took off and then continued to pour on an already saturated course. Add in some rocks, sticky mud and some off camber roots everywhere and you'll have loads of biking enjoyment for the next 2 hours.... while only traveling 16 miles through the woods. I must have fallen 5 or 6 times, (only counting the ones that hurt) and riding the downhills was like sliding with style until you bumped into a tree. To sum it up the course was rough.

**Tookie was out slogging through the mud with friend and fellow endurance racer Heidi Schilling.

No joke on the drive home I had to make 3 detours because of high water over the roadway, and drove through several water covered roads to the point that water was starting to come through the bottom of the door seal on my car. The news this morning reported 5" of rain fall in sixteen hours and down here along the Ohio River flash floods are common... but this was a bit more intense then I'm used to and I have a new 12' deep lake in my back yard to show ya.


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