Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Roger And Cheyne Start Long Beach Cycle!

Now I can finally order everything at cost! haha..no, not really, but I am SUPER-excited to announce the opening of Long Beach Cycle, the brain-child of backbone's very own Roger and Cheyne! Roger's home has historically been the meeting place/work-zone/parts warehouse/house of ill-repute/boarding house for legions of riders and racers in the L.B.C. Now, it's going to be the coolest shop in the L.B.C. Years of National racing experience, team management, unruly and ungrateful racer support and last-second before the gun-goes-off-wrenching skills make these two an ideal team for this sweet cycling mecca. Be sure to sign on to their FB page! Good luck to Rog and Cheyne in this new endeavor...


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